Buy A Star For Someone You Love: Sentiment Or Scam?

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There are many ways to express your love for someone. Affection, acts of devotion, spending time with them, and even using words to tell them how you feel. For generations, movies have taught us all these dramatic ways you can express love.


One popular expression is to purchasea star. It’s an act that signifies your dedication to that person. I love you so much that I will give you the sky. As romantic and heart-warming this gesture is, there are some things you need to know.


A star registration can be purchased from a variety of companies at a variety of rates. A lot of times, you’ll find in the fine print that astronomers don’t recognize the name of the star you just bought.


Many well-known companies claim to you can buy a star from them so it’s important to be wary. There are even incidents where people have been sold the same star and told that the star would be named after them or their loved one.


How To Name A Star 


There is a process by which the stars are given a proper name or designation. Names have been given to some of the brightest stars that have been observable to humanity throughout recorded history Alphanumeric names and designations are more common, however, even though they sound a little boring.


Stars are sometimes named alphabetically according to brightness and constellation. The constellation name is always followed by Alpha, the brightest star in the constellation. Betelgeuse is also known as Alpha Orionis, so Beta Orionis, Delta Orionis, and so on also exist.


Designating Space Objects


The IAU or International Astronomical Union is the exclusive international authority for astronomical nomenclature and is the official international body for the study of astronomy. There have been new names accepted by the IAU for 86 stars Aboriginal Australian names. They also fulfill a variety of other functions, including research and classification of objects. The IAU is perhaps most known for its decision to classify Pluto as a dwarf planet.


The methods for naming certain objects vary according to their category. Comets and asteroids follow separate sets of principles. The discoverer has complete creative control regarding the object’s name. Occasionally, an object is so significant that the public is allowed to weigh in through a vote, in the case of new expeditions through space. The object’s latitude and longitude can also be used.


This naming convention may not be to your taste and some astronomers are divided on this. That is, however, the way things work. The IAU has indicated that they don’t participate in the selling of stars.


Honor Those You Love


While these stars will not be recognized, you should feel free to buy a star if that is what you want. There are other options, such as picking a star from the sky that you and your loved one looked at together. You’ll be able to take advantage of free nighttime stargazing and keep the memories you’ve made.


Several years ago, we read about the hopes and dreams of a child facing a potentially fatal illness who wanted to be honored with a star in the sky. As soon as we realized the problem, we called the family and renamed one of the newly discovered asteroids after them. The IAU honored them by officially naming an asteroid after them.


These solutions aren’t for everyone, and I understand that. However, there are many other ways to honor someone you care about, respect their memory, and show your love for them.

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