Get Started with the Anime Fever

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Most people nowadays tend to spend most of their time on their gadgets. In this digital age, there are a lot of things that can be done through gadgets. You can buy tickets, pay bills, book a flight, and aside from that, most for of entertainment rely on our gadgets. You can probably relate to it, especially if you’re from the millennial generation.


If you are, then you probably are looking for more fun than ever. It’s a good thing, we have the best solution for you.


As a millennial, you probably are into anime. If you are then you should consider visiting nonton anime. And here’s why:


  • Nonton anime has a lot to offer. Probably, every anime you want to see, every genre you are into, you can find it here. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, so you can guarantee yourself to find what you are looking for.


  • But do you know what this site has that others don’t? The anime shows that can be found on this website can actually be downloaded and streamed offline. How cool is that? You can save it for the future, in times where you have no access to the internet. This would help you a lot that’s for sure.


  • Another thing is that it comes with Indonesian subtitles, therefore, means that it will be easier for you to watch and understand the whole story.


If you want, we have some suggestions as to what shows you should watch. Here are some of them.


  • If you love magic and science fiction, then you should check out Fantasy Bishoujo. This show is a story of an old man, who has been summoned by a naked goddess. It will get you hooked on the wonders that would happen with the old man after what has been done to him by the goddess. Guaranteed, you will enjoy this like no other.


  • Then another thing you should consider watching is Princess Connect. This show would be amazing for beginners because the story is not complicated, so one could easily follow that’s for sure. This is also a fantasy story where it talks about how this girl woke up in an unfamiliar setting, meets somebody, and take on the adventure of defeating the dark lord. It sure is can give you excitement like no other. It’s fun and refreshing so you’ll enjoy it.


  • You can also try Kenja no DeshiWo, Tribe Nine, Futsal Boys, and SabikuBisco. Guaranteed, you’ll have so much fun watching all of them.


There is still a lot of great anime out there that has yet to be discovered. So what are you still waiting for? Start your anime journey now with the help of nonton anime. Prepare to laugh, cry, and get scared with the amazing stories of anime shows you can find here. Download as much possible anime shows you could find to easily access it whenever, wherever, even without any access to the Wi-Fi.

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