5 Best Weed Strains for ADHD

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a severe mental illness that prevents individuals to focus. They have their minds running in haywire and in a fast-paced situation where it becomes extremely difficult to collect all the thoughts and process them accordingly. If you are suffering from ADHD and are considering to buy weed online, there are a few strains you should know about.


Keep in mind that all of these strains that we will mention help with developing better focus and relieving the complications lingering in the mind.


  • Sour Diesel


We can’t emphasize this enough but if there’s one cannabis strain that can tackle every issue in bulk, it has to be sour diesel. The strain is a public favorite among beginners and expert users, especially the individuals who enjoy a blend of skunk and citrus flavor. The strain has energizing properties with mood-lifting impacts that will leave you feeling good at the moment. Not only the focus, but it also keeps your creative juices flowing.


  • ACDC


ACDC is quite an underrated strain, especially among beginners. This is one of the few weed strains in the market that has high CBD levels in it. So, not just for your mental ailments, the strain works equally well in relieving physical symptoms like pain, migraines, inflammation, etc. As for the effects, the strain induces feelings of happiness, energy and mood-lifting properties after smoking the strain, which is quite promising for ADHD patients.


  • Cannatonic


While we are on the topic of high CBD strains, Cannatonic deserves a spot too. The THC levels in the strain are quite moderate, skirting between 7-15%. Also, the high CBD levels in the strain induce feelings of contentment. You can relieve pain and inflammation by smoking this strain. However, you must smoke this one with caution. Excess smoking can lead to risks of paranoia in some individuals.


  • Harle-Tsu


Another unique yet potent marijuana strain for ADHD that is worth considering is Harle-Tsu. The flavor profile of this strain includes blends of earthy, spicy and herbal notes that promote focus and relaxation in the smokers. The THC levels in this strain are very low but have a very high CBD level in them. So, you can get the benefits of the strain without needing to worry about getting intoxicated pretty fast.


  • Zkittlez


If you want a strain with a flavor profile with notes of grape and strawberry, Zkittlez is the best choice. This has moderate THC with low CBD levels that induce feelings of calm and relaxation in the smoker. The strain has a very sweet profile to it, making this a perfect option for beginners. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed, smoke in moderation.


If you struggled with ADHD, these are some of the best weed strains that can relieve your discomfort and the pain that you are feeling. Not only will you focus better on these strains, but you can also find better comfort in alleviating the lack of focus that you feel when it comes to your condition.

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