How to choose the best 1911 holsters?

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In today’s globe, 1911 pistols are one of the most recognizable and commonly used firearms. They’re great for rapid, accurate, and secure firing, which is exactly what competition shooters require. A 1911 pistol, on the other hand, isn’t whole without a well-made holster that complements the gun’s design.

Such holsters are as of now accessible in a wide range of patterns, materials, and finishes. Real leather 1911 holsters, lighter polymer holsters, and a variety of other types, both IWB and OWB, are available.

Choosing Between an IWB and an OWB

When it comes to concealing a handgun, there are a variety of holsters and carry postures to choose from. You must choose a technique of carrying that is both safe and convenient for you.

One of its safest and also most accessible places to keep a pistol is the solid area of your hips. Even though your firearm is immediately available, this position is beneficial. It’s natural to want to draw your firearm by lowering your hand to your hips.

If you go with a solid lateral hip 1911 holster, you have two options: External waistband is referred to as OWB, whereas interior waistband is referred to as IWB. The name of these holsters is exactly what it says on the tin: IWB means the handgun is held within your trousers, with the grip sticking out beyond your waistband so you may obtain a proper firing grasp on the firearm before drawing.

Both IWB and OWB holsters are designed to protect your trigger guard and limit the chances of an unintended shooting. They also help to keep the rifle in place, protect the surfaces and finishing from the elements, and give stability while you’re out and about.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing the Perfect 1911 Holsters

When it comes to choosing the best 1911 holsters, there are various aspects to consider. A holster of this type must undoubtedly fit well and provide adequate grip and sturdiness. To ensure the best fit, the holster must be made from an exact replica of the firearm.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, your new holster needs to be as comfortable as feasible. The type of fabric utilized to manufacture a holster has a lot to do with how relaxed it is. Leather is not that much comfier, but it is also easier to shape over nylon or Kydex, which actually results in a much better fit. Additionally, a pistol as beautiful as 1911 will look even better when carried in a trendy leather holster.

Everybody understands that safety comes first. And, since you’ll most probably be keeping the pistol for self-defense, you’ll need a holster that allows you to reach your weapon quickly.

Then there’s the degree of concealment your 1911 holster provides, as well as the carrying position it comes with. The most common 1911 holster designs are OWB, IWB, and shoulder holsters. While IWB and shoulder holsters are definitely preferable for concealed carry, OWB holsters are more convenient to carry and are a better option in regions where open carry is authorized.

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