Underrated features and capabilities of google chrome

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Let us assume that you doubt your country’s president. If you wish to know his name, the first thing you would do is open a web browser and search for him. The browser will come up with several websites and other sources with the information of the president. It is the browsing world that connects various sources of information with people across the world. Such a browser is Google chrome and it is almost impossible to be an internet user without knowing chrome. However, chrome is a leading browser with tons of features and the primary objective of serving the people who need information and gateway to certain websites for business, educational and personal reasons. Anyone can download chrome from any provider online. As you can see above, providing links to web sources is the primary job of chrome. However, the application can do a lot of other things with some underrated features. Let us list a few of them in this article.

Guest mode

There is a known option in chrome that lets people use their Google accounts to sign in to chrome. So, everything will be synced to this account and the person can access the stored passwords and other elements on any other device by simply signing in with the same account. Although this option is beneficial in most cases, a simple situation of the chrome on your device going to the hands of someone else will leave your crucial info being accessible by a stranger also. However, you cannot deny offering your device when a friend or someone asks also. So, you can use the guest option in chrome in this situation. Once you switch to guest mode, the chrome will become fresh as if it is downloaded. Your info will not be available until you sign in again.

Tab groups

Chrome is known for multitasking features. You can open several tabs at once and can switch between them according to your needs. However, it will be confusing to switch between dozens of tabs unrelated to each. Although four or five tabs are related, all others would still confuse you. To solve this issue, the latest update of chrome has come up with a feature offering grouping of these tabs. For instance, if there are four tabs related to your education and three tabs for fun activities, you can group them into two tab groups. So, accessing them again will be easy.

Online media player

Media players are easily available. However, you cannot be sure that you will have one installed on your device on the right occasion. If there is no such player when you need to play a video or audio, you can go to Google chrome. The media player feature of chrome lets you play certain files with the internet. Although you would have to miss some settings of professional media players, something is good for nothing.


You can cast the chrome’s screen to any device whenever necessary to see whatever happens on the tab.

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