Metal Framing Products: How to Find the Right One for You

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Metal framing products are a broad category that includes different types of metal, such as Aluminum and steel. The material you choose will depend on your needs for the project you’re working on. We’ll cover some things to consider when choosing a product.


The things to consider


  1. Function


Metal framing products are usually one of two types – structural or non-structural. Structural metal is used to reinforce a structure with additional strength, while non-structural is just for design elements and doesn’t provide extra support. You’ll want to choose between the two depending on what your needs are.


  1. Appearance


Most metal framing products look very similar to each other when they’re in place. Some have a paint coating, but the color is usually black or silver and doesn’t add much distinction between metals. Metal can also be shiny or matte depending on what you choose, so consider your style preferences as well. The erectastep industrial stairs & access platforms are also examples of a metal framing product, but since they are structural, they wouldn’t be used for design elements.


  1. Budget


It can be difficult to estimate the price for metal framing products because so many options are available. Non-structural choices, like channel steel or flat bar stock, will have a lower cost than structural parts, though this isn’t always true. It’s best to talk with your supplier about your needs and get an accurate quote before starting your project.


  1. Brand


Metal framing products don’t have a specific brand, though some suppliers carry certain brands depending on their specialization. The main consideration is choosing a supplier you trust to ensure the product you get will meet your needs and fit into your budget.


  1. Size


The size of your metal framing product depends on what you need to build. You’ll want a supplier that offers different sizes so that you can get the right one for any project. The photo above shows examples of some common choices in non-structural options – galvanized tubing, channel steel and flat bar stock. Depending on their specialization, some suppliers will also offer structural products like I beam, angle iron, and other types.


  1. Type


There are different types of metal framing products, including structural and non-structural. Structural parts add reinforcement to a structure, while non-structural doesn’t provide any extra support or strength. Non-structural options include channel steel, flat bar stock and galvanized tubing, among others, depending on what you need for your project. As mentioned before, some suppliers will offer both structural and non-structural choices so that you can get the right one for whatever type of build you have in mind.


  1. Location


The location of your project will also determine what metal framing products you need. For example, if your build is indoors, structural options like I beam and angle iron won’t be required because they’re designed for outdoor use.


On the other hand, galvanized tubing or flat bar stock might not work depending on how exposed it would be to weather conditions in a particular area this mostly applies to exterior builds where wind can affect durability.


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